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Frequently Asked Questions 
What is glass fusion? 
In basic terms, this is the technique of joining 2 or more pieces of glass together by heating them in a kiln at a temperature of between 670c and 820c. In most cases sheet glass is cut into shapes and designs are built and put together to create your design before firing in the kiln for up to 18 hours. 
Can I take my glass home at the end of the workshop? 
No, your glass needs to go into the kiln to fire overnight, and, depending on what you are making, may need to go in for a 2nd or even 3rd firing. 
I've never cut glass before...can anyone do it? 
Generally, yes, although most children under 12 years often don't have the strength to cut successfully. Additionally, some people with joint problems may find it harder than most. There are various tools that are used which can help those who may find it a little difficult and there is always help at hand for those who have real problems or alternatives to using cut glass. 
Can you make me a 'one off' piece and can you design it for me? 
Yes, and yes. Take a look at my commissions page for inspiration. There are many options for commissions. We can discuss your requirements in detail. 
I'm not at all artistic...will it matter? 
'No, for most things in glass fusion you do not need to be 'artistic'. Having a bit of a creative mind helps, but anyone can follow one of the designs you are given and add your own 'twist' to it. 
Am I limited to just doing one or two small pieces in a workshop? 
No, you can make other things, we would just need to discuss your requirements and there may be an additional charge for the materials used. Bespoke workshops can be very flexible. 
If you have a question that is not covered here, please don't hesitate to contact me 
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