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Would you like a bespoke piece of glass art made for you, your home or for a very special person? The Glass Shack is the place to go to!

From coaster sets to window panels, garden art, splash backs and wall hangers.

Contact Caroline to discuss having your very own piece of art commissioned - use past work for ideas or design your own. 

Browse the website or visit our workshop in Downderrry for inspiration.


Wall Panel

From £95

Unique wall panels make a lovely addition to your home or why not commission one for a very special gift.



From £90

"Waves" - using enamelling with glass and mounted onto wood, single and multiple waves can be made to order in various size options.


Unique vase ideas

From £70

Every single vase is unique, both in the glass design and in the movement of the glass once it has been draped into shape...a perfect addition to any home.



From £30

A single mackerel or a complete shoal to make a stunning wall or table top display...either set onto a background of enamelled glass or mounted onto a piece of 'bogwood' reclaimed from the East Looe river...perfect for an elegant seaside home.

bathroom handbasin splashback


From £145

Have a simple 'copper oxide bubble' or an 'enamelled bubble' design, an abstract single or multi colour piece, or a design made specifically for you. Whatever you choose, it will be unique!

This one is a piece of enamelled glass and prices for this start at £165 for a standard 60 x 30cm panel

A12A067B-0402-46F4-A8C8-86D01B61D886 2.jpg

Something very personal

£££ varies depending on design

Want something made for a very special occasion? to Caroline - this Orchid was made for a Diamond Wedding Anniversary gift for a bride who carried a single orchid flower on her wedding day

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