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Like what you see and interested in learning more about the art of fusing glass?

Come to a Glass Shack workshop and you will learn how to cut glass, what shape can (and can't) be easily made; how to build glass pieces and much more.  Have an idea of what you'd like, make it, fire it in the kiln and then collect it a few days later.  Please be aware that some items require more than one firing so can take up to 5 days before they are ready.

Workshops are perfect for Birthday parties, Hen Parties, family get togethers, team building, rainy holiday days...yes, sometimes it does rain in 'sunny' Cornwall!

Don't live in Cornwall but still want to try out a Glass Shack workshop?  Why not come a stay for a weekend, or make a week of it, in our 'small but perfectly formed' studio apartment, right here at The Glass Shack?  Take a look at our 'Accommodation' page for more information.

Small business owner or team leader and think a glass fusing workshop could be good for team morale? Click here for our 'Teambuilding' workshop page.



Suitable for 2 to 6 persons, you will be able to make a piece** of your own design or choose from standard templates available.

Cost is £115 per person for groups of 3+ or £125 per person for groups of 2 including all materials and tuition : approx 5-6 hours length.

There will be a short break halfway through (please bring your own light lunch, this is NOT included in the workshop price).



Suitable for 2-6 persons you will be able to make your own design glass piece or use templates available**.  Cost is £65 per person for groups of 3+ or £75 per person for a group of 2,  including all materials** and tuition : approx 2 1/2 to 3 hours in duration.



If you would like to learn a bit more about the techniques and styles used in glass fusing then why not book yourself onto a one to one session? Make something a little different in one of these workshops, something a little larger or more challenging than in a regular session or just spend some time playing around with different techniques. *
Half day priced at £95; full day at £170 including all materials and tuition.
* if there is something specific that you would like to make then we can discuss your design and price a one to one workshop accordingly...the fabulous bathroom piece in the photograph was made in one of these sessions.



Want to make plans for a special occasion?  

Got a Hen Party to organise and want to do something a bit different? 'Bride to be' and think you'd like to do something a bit more personal with your 'thank you' gifts?  A friend or relative got a 'big birthday' looming?  A favourite work colleague flitting away into retirement and want to make it something to remember? 

A Glass Shack Workshop is the perfect solution...get in touch for ideas of what we can offer...fizz and nibbles; special cream tea or a surprise cake are just a few things that can all be included in your unique workshop package!



A 'taster' style workshop where you and everyone else in the group will make the same thing but with your own personal twist, following the instructions of your tutor, Caroline.  Group sessions are held regularly and are advertised both here and on Facebook.  Cost is from £30 per person 

If you have a group of friends or are part of a local organisation who love their crafting then you could book one of these workshops just for you...decide what you'd all like to do, book your session and come along and have fun!!

Please follow this link GROUP WORKSHOPS for details of upcoming sessions

IMG_4893 2.jpeg


Regrettably, most workshops are unsuitable for those under 12 years of age. However, bespoke 'Family Workshops' where youngsters can experience glass fusion can be arranged or look out for 'Kiddies' workshops which are usually run in the school holidays.  These are also great fun for Birthday parties. Please contact Caroline for further details.

** more information here

A standard 'panel' size is approx 25x20cm.  

If you would like to make something that is slightly out of the norm, either design or size wise, then we can discuss this prior to the workshop.  Please be aware that making these pieces may incur a glass/kiln time surcharge.

Fused glass workshop
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