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The best companies find success when the individual components work together in unison. Showcase the success of your team with our fused glass workshop and create a unique 'picture' for your office or boardroom.

Fused glass workshop

Build a 'Picture' ... Make a 'Quilt'

Your team will be given the challenge of creating a unique glass picture that represents both them and the company.

A theme will be decided in advance between The Glass Shack and the team leader/business owner and each member of the team will need to create their very own 'segment' to fit with all the other team members to create an overall picture, which will then be fired to create a unique piece of artwork for your team to be proud of.

The GOALS for the session are:

- improve communication skills

- develop creative thinking

- boost collaboration 

- promote delegation 

- increase productivity

- enhance time-management 

After an initial briefing and understanding fo the teams needs, they will be shown how to safely handle and cut glass pieces.  At this point they may decide that some are better at this skill than others...that's fine, because working as a team means they need to harness individual strengths.  

The next step is to create their design on paper using the multiple grid given...this might well be where the 'artists' or 'creatives' of the group will shine through.

Then, it's time to divvy up the individual tiles and use the resources available to make each piece - frit (crushed glass), glass pieces, 'pebbles' and 'stringers' will all be on hand to use in whatever way best creates the design.

Finally, all the pieces are placed back together ready to fire overnight...then to take pride of place on the wall.

A Glass Shack TeamBulding workshop is therapeutic, collaborative and non-competitive.  The aim is for an enjoyable experience which subtly brings to the fore the importance of working together as a team to achieve a common goal - a beautiful piece of unique glass art which will forever be a reminder of how positive it is when everyone pulls in the same direction.

"...this was one training day we all thoroughly enjoyed"

The sessions are suitable for up to 8 attendees (minimum 4).  Final price of dependent on number of delegates and option chosen.

IMG_2973 2.jpeg

"Adventures by the Sea"

'Picture' option


'Quilt' option

IMG_2873 2.jpeg
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