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Want to see what a bespoke piece of glass art looks like in situ?  Take a look at these beautiful glass pieces made by The Glass Shack in their forever position.


Restaurant Interior

A full wall, measuring 4m wide and 1.8m tall commissioned by a local restaurant. UGC enamels and copper oxide are used to create the individual panels (each one measures 60x30cm). Then, once in place, separate pieces of glass are added to make up the Beach House's logo.

'Wave' Splashback

A stunning glass and enamel splashback for a hob.  Measuring 750mm x 780mm and made up of three separate sheets of glass sandwiched with enamels to create the fabulous 'bubbles' effect.


A stunning single mackerel splash back

A single mackerel on a 60 x 30cm 'copper oxide' base panel...doesn't it just want to make you pop nice piece of fresh Cornish fish into your pan?

"Under the Sea"

A truly unique piece of glass art...'Under the Sea" is a kitchen splash back made up of 14 individual panels and measures 90 x 60cm in total.  The base panels are created using UGC enamels with added marine features.


A beautiful mackerel shoal splash back

Just as stunning as the single mackerel splashback, a mini shoal - a perfect complement to an oceanside kitchen.

Something unique for your garden

Looking for something unique for your outside space? Glass doesn't have to be confined to inside your can also be a statement piece in your garden...perfectly catching the sunlight from early morning until sunset.


A stunning (flower filled) freeform vase

Not very good at flower arranging? Whether you are accomplished or, like me, just unwrap the bunch and drop them in your vase, the unique shape of the draped freeform vase adds to the movement of the flowers it holds.

A bit of a nautical theme

Want to add something of a nautical theme to your outside area?  Set into a gate in an outside kitchen/bbq area, this original ship's porthole has been finished wi an enamelled 'wave' and completed with a mirror behind to reflect the light back.

IMG_0685 3.jpeg

How to brighten up a garden toilet

This outside toilet in a seaside location needed a little bit of why not pick a marine themed splash back? And, why stick to a traditional oblong shape - go for something totally different...perfect!

"Twisted Tentacles"

"TWISTED TENTACLES" is a standard size 60 x 30cm splashback using UGC enamels as a base then adding two jellyfish as a feature. The fabulous tentacles are made using vitreographic stringers to give the movement. Want a marine themed splashback in your home? Lots of design ideas can be incorporated into a unique piece of glass made just for you.

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