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An Accidental Diptrych...

Sometimes, things don't always go to plan, but when they don't then it's always good to try and make the best of what's here is the story of the 'Accidental Diptych'...

In this case, the base panel of enamelling went wrong in the kiln firing - with large pieces of glass, sometimes you need to adjust your firing schedule or make other adjustments to ensure success.

Despite having done numerous panels like this, for some reason, things went wrong with this one...the enamel didn't burn out as it should have done... but that wasn't going to stop me utilising an expensive piece of glass (in actual materials cost and lots of my time!).

So, bring out Mr Mackerel and let's fire him onto the panel .... simples!

Except it wasn't so simples!

Despite firing on a really slow ramp up and down, the under panel decided to split - just like that.

Now, I think it looks great and the technical 'arty' term for it is an "Attached Diptych".

Whilst I frequently do "Triptychs", this is the first (and accidental) Diptych I've done and, I have to be honest, I'm really rather pleased with this 'accidental' outcome.

This would actually make a stunning piece of wall art - everything I do is unique to The Glass Shack, but this is somehow more unique than other things (yes, I know you can't be 'more unique' but that's just how I feel about it).

If you are interested in owning this very special piece of glass, with it's own very personal lifecycle, then message me, Caroline, at The Glass Shack.

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