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Meet the security team...

Every company needs to have it's security briefing and The Glass Shack is no different. It's just that our team is not the norm - meet The Really Useful Spanner Company.

Our five Springer Spaniels all have specialised jobs in the security division... of our 'old timers' and Top Dog will take a sideways look at you just to check...he's had a couple of strokes and is a bit unsteady on his feet but he's always happy to see you and have a bit of a pat on the head!

Then there's Luka, Nelson's brother. He won't hear you coming because he's gone totally deaf and, to be honest, he does spend most of his day asleep now, but if he does grace you with his presence, he's a lovely old chap - our little "poppet" - just give him a little pat on the head as well.

In the middle, Hardy, who is Nelson's son....he's now ten but still thinks he's a pup and likes to "get down" with the youngsters....he can be noisy and nosey but generally just gets on with life...basically, he'll take you or leave you.

Then there's the "Buccaneers" - Drake and Raleigh - pups with attitude...the youngest of the 'Spanners'. Not yet two years old, they will always let us know when there are visitors to the workshop and they will give you the very warmest of noisy welcomes....bouncey isn't the word!!

And when they've done their 'security' job, there's nothing that they like more than a bit of a well-deserved romp on the beach and in the surf....just like any Spaniel, they love being in the water!

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